Political Opinions #2: Marijuana and The “Good Book”

Now, folks I need clear cut evidence that cannabis is clearly prohibited by the Christian Bible. I will be honest here that I am personally disappointed in the voters of the state of Arizona for their rejection of Prop 205. Essentially, the voting public chose to further impede their freedoms by unwisely choosing to reject this piece of legislation. I could get into the economic, legal, and health related ramifications for electing to reject Prop 205, all of which will be saved for another blog post. However, why do religious convictions need to play a role in keep the recreational use of this plant restricted? Is it a strong correlation between Christian values and Conservative politics or is it due to interpretations of passages from the Bible? Even if it is found to be a sin, why not allow the sinners this freedom and then forgive? Doesn’t the Bible promote forgiveness of sinners? What prompted this inquire into using Christianity to justify keep cannabis illegal was an article that I read from AZCENTRAL that depicts the views of one such voter:

“Marijuana rots your brain,”….. I love it. It’s a miracle of God The Christians voted the right way on this one”


Now, this quote obscures the identity of the individual who was interviewed, however you can see that clearly this individual believes that beyond the health ramifications, it was voted to be rejected due to religious reasons. To me illustrates the fact that, such individuals only can see an issues from their own personal paradigm. They cannot look beyond what they perceive as moral, see that a lot of other wise productive citizens have been incarcerated for possession or usage of Cannabis. What is irrational is that such an individual would stereotypically be against government waste and taxation. Hate to tell all other individuals who share this paradigm; however, you are in fact paying taxes for the living expenses of people incarcerated for Marijuana offenses. Personally, I am a libertarian and I am all for reducing taxation where necessary and legalizing Marijuana for recreational proposes would certainly help eliminate the amount of tax dollars spent on the state prison systems.

However, aren’t there passages in the bible that state we are free to consume the plants of the earth anyhow?

For example:

Genesis 1:29:

“And God said, Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of the Earth and every tree with seed in its fruit. You shall have them for food”

However, there are some mighty fine counter points made by some devout Christians such as the gentleman in the link below.


I am willing to listen to both sides of the debate; however, I still believe that there is nothing no more sinful of Marijuana than there is with the consumption of alcohol. Seriously, if all of these Conservative Christians feel so strongly about intoxicant consumption, why not aggressive demonstrate for the second prohibition of alcohol? If you are going to be against intoxicants as a whole at least be fair and equal. However, due to my political beliefs I believe that both such are legally accessible to ADULTS and that it is up to the individual to decide, not the state, whether or not they are substitutable for consumption.

Dear readers, please post below!!! Is my logic flawed or do you disagree, please respond I want to create a dialogue here. If you agree, please leave a comment below explaining your stance on the topic.


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