Political Opinions #4: Letter To The Boston Beer Company

Please note the letter of concern that I sent to the Boston Beer Company, who are the parent company of Samuel Adams beer:
Dear Mr. Koch,

My Name is Peter and I am an avid fan of craft beer, let me expound upon my journey as a beer drinker. Sorry to say sir, I started drinking beer as a teenager, up until I tried the Boston Lager, I absolutely despised beer. This very turning point not only converted me to a beer drink, but rather a craft beer enthusiast at the tender age of 17. So essentially, I do owe my appreciation of beer to you and your company. However, Mr. Koch, I am severely disappointed in your efforts to stifle the legalization of recreational Cannabis in Massachusetts in this past election. Granted, I no longer reside in Massachusetts, considering that I moved to Arizona in 2013. However, I fundamentally find such actions as being hypocritical, due to the fact that alcohol much like Cannabis is an intoxicant. Considering that you have been quite successful selling what is an intoxicant, how can you oppose the legalization of one that has been proven to cause minimal harm? Couldn’t quality Marijuana be savored responsibly as a connoisseur marketed product such as fine cigars, IPAs, single malt whiskies, etc.? Jim, I highly doubt that you would lose considerable business considering that nationally your company is a solidified fixture and a pioneer in the craft beer movement. Even, the states most densely populated with craft breweries (Oregon, Colorado, etc.), that have legalized recreational use prior to 2016; those breweries have not experienced a dire loss of business. So why continue to support ineffective and unjust drug policies that penalize otherwise productive citizens? While I understand that the ship has already sailed and that ballot question #4 has already passed, I still find your opposition to reprehensible. Do you really think our founding fathers would have voted to prohibit Cannabis in the first place? Well Sir, I believe not. I am sorry to say Mr. Koch, after ten years of my business (I am 27 now), you will be losing me as customer for good. I personally believe that both a craft beer market and recreational Cannabis market could both successfully co-exist. As a Libertarian, I am not even a Cannabis user, can only patronize companies that do not seek to curtail our freedoms and rights. Sorry to say, I will be doing business with more Cannabis friendly breweries such as Lagunitas from this point out.



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