Political Opinions#5: The Day Racial Identity Politics Went Too Far


In 2017, you would think that the topic of Race would be a bygone issue. However, unfortunately it as prevalent as ever. The flames of bigotry are further excelerated by racial identity politics. Through racially divisive rhetoric and race baiting, racial identity politics are undoing much of the progress of the civil rights activism of 1960s. The most prevalent of these divisive organizations are Black Supremacy groups such as Black Lives Matter.

While society has already widely as a whole rejected White Supremacy groups, Black Supremacy groups are still supported by the media and pending being condemned by the general public.Such groups not only promote racism, but also incite violence against Caucasians and police. To the extent, Black Lives Matters have even inspired murders of police officers. However, for me the straw that broke the camel’s back was the incident that transpired in Chicago, IL ,last week,where an  18 year ago disabled man was toutured by a group of Black Supremacists.


According to source Breitbart.com, the incident began on December 31, 2016. The victim was picked up by classmate, Jordan Hill, 18, from a McDonalds in a suburb of Chicago,IL. The victim and his parents thought that Hill was picking up the victim for a sleepover.However, Hill and the three other assailants had more malicious motives. It is also should be noted that the victim was a man who suffered from disabilities. Instead of a slumber party, Hill drove the victim around in a stolen van for several days and was brought to a residence in Chicago. There the victim was tied up for hours and subjected to hours of psychological and emotional torture.The victim endured everything from being taunted with racial slurs, to being forced to drink toilet water, to physical violence,etc. The victim did eventually escape and was later found by police. The suspects are now  facing charges for the incident.                       (https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/05/police-chicago-victims-parents-received-taunting-messages/amp/)



Here is the video of the incident as it was broadcasted by the propertrators via Facebook live. Please note the nature of the video is graphic.




While it isn’t completely conspicuous that this whole incident was influenced by racial identity politics the rhetoric and conduct does seem to mirror such. Per Breitbart, the Chicago police stated that there was not enough evidence to link the incident to BLM. However, the properterators did use racial slurs against the victim and taunted him with other supremacist comments. Even, if these  cretans do not have formal ties to the organization they are definately still influenced by their venomous propaganda. While racism is really an abhorrent paradigm, to abuse an individual with disabilities in such a manner is that much more reprehensible. How is Michael Moore going to justify the actions of these four men and women? Will he pervert sociological theories to justify such actions ,similar to a biased college professor? In my opinion, this Black Supremacist nonsense is a hangover from the Black Panthers movement of the 1960s. It seems as every 20-30 some odd years later it is seems to resurrect itself (e.g. 1990s, popularity of Nation of Islam). However, our strides towards racial equality have never been made by racist and radicals extremists, but rather by color blind altruists such as Dr. Martin Luther King J.R. Hell, I’ll even include post Mecca Macolm X  in that list. Never have the radicals on either side of the fence have done anything other than make matters worse. Either way the media needs to stop  glorifying BLM supporters and stop lying about their agenda. They are a racist group, however, if you state the obvious facts you are in turn a bigot.

Lil Wayne and Morgan Freeman please weigh in:

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