Political Opinions# 7: The Demise of Obama Care


Every now and then, through out the course of human history, we take erroneous turns that end up stirring us down the wrong path. I Would have to say that the 2010 passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was one of those wrong turns. In my opinion it was one of Obama’s biggest follies as president. It only did this piece of legislation did it fail to provide affordable quality care , but also penalized those who did not have health insurance. Which could be construed as the federal government over extending their authority into the healthcare choices of the citizens. As a Libertarian I find to be reprehensible, however, hearing the news that this horrid piece of legislation has been repealed, gives me faith for the future.


In a landmark turn of tides for healthcare coverage in the United States, Obama Care has been repealed. The vote was finalized early Thursday at approximately 1:35 am eastern standard time. The 2010, piece of legislation was repealed on a 51-to-48 vote. In turn terminating the legislation in its entirety, including penalties for noncompliance. It is important to not the only Republican to vote against the measure was Kentucky senator Rand Paul. Paul cited the lack of a replacement plan and lack of consideration for the national debt as criticism towards the measure. As to be expected the vast majority of democrats voted against the measure. Republican Senator Cory Booker did express congruence in opinion in regards to the simultaneous repeal and replace. However, did express how this legislative amendment would assist the incoming administration with formulating a better healthcare plan.



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I am glad to see that our United States Senate has ignited the spark for positive change in healthcare reform. While some may argue that some Americans may lose coverage to the repeal, you need to look at the negatives of the current legislation. The 2010, Affordable Health Care Act, allows the federal government to penalize citizens who do not have health insurance. If we live in a free society, how can our government bully us into having health insurance through lofty fines? That is definitely an example of over extension of the authority of the federal government. Also, if you have no other choice than to utilize Big Gov’t health insurance, it isn’t cheap. See, I was looking into procuring health insurance through the government to avoid all fines. Due to being laid off from my previous job. Thank god, I found a job that offered benefits not long after being laid off. I believe that the cheapest plan I saw was approximately 300.00 a month!!! Absolutely reprehensible, especially with all the taxes that had come out of my pay checks, good riddence. Glad to see it abolished, down with socialism. However, I would also like to note Senator Paul’s concerns in regards to the repeal measure that just passed. I commend him for not being hasty with accepting the legislation as is and questioning the economic ramifications of it. Knew his father Ron Paul was a good guy, however, as the saying goes father like son. Wouldn’t mind seeing Rand Paul on the ticket for 2020.


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