Political Opinions #8: Rosie and Proposed Federal Oversight



Often times, celebrities believe due to their notarity or popularity that the general public cares to know all of their opinions. Especially when it comes in regards to political commentary. Even though the vast majority of celebrities share the same political ideology, they all seem to expound upon their predictable points of view as if they are serendipitous revelations. This same observation can be applied to their opinion of  president elect Donald Trump. Rosie O’Donnell has been a very outspoken  critic of President-elect Trump. So much so, that she is calling for Martial law to delay  the inauguration  to investigate the alleged crimes of Trump. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Shit, I didn’t even vote for the guy, however, such measures do seem a little extreme.



Comedian Rosie O’ Donnell  declared on Twitter on  January 11, 2016 that President-elect Trump  should be prohibited from taking office  on Inauguration Day on January 20. O’Donnell cited the rationale for doing so to be in order to investigate if Trump had acquired office under legitimate terms. She utilized the term “cheated” in a subsequent tweet. However,  the comedian found the need to delay trump assuming office so dire, she suggested that this investigation should be enforced by martial law.




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Look here folks, I am not a diehard Trump supporter, I would have been much happier having Rand Paul as president. However, what O’ Donnell is proposing is absolutely absurd.  Seriously, the only reason why she is so aggressive about preventing him  from becoming president are allegations from the Liberals against him.  However, what is  much more alarming is the fact that she is suggesting to utilize Martial law to achieve her ends, which is really kind of Nazi-like. What’s next imprisoning political opponents due to their victories?  This is really some freightening things to be hearing from someone who is in the public eye. I really hope that no sober minded  individual with authority in the government would ever entertain the notion of such insanity. Absolutely absurd, the left would rather turn this country into a Nazi state than lose gracefully. My word, this is insane. Why would anyone want such an egregious overreach of federal power with insufficient evidence to do so?


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