Political Opinions #9: Inaugural Misconduct


Often times in politics we find ourselves at odds with the opinions of others. Also, if you have ties to a specific political party you may even experience the bitter taste of defeat. However, typically U.S. Citizens of voting age tend to have the capacity to handle such disappointment in a mature manner. Unfortunately decorum and restraint was not practiced by all demonstrators on Inauaration day, this past Friday. Granted Donald Trump is a controversial President (even prior to him being sworn in), however, many protesters took there demonstrations a little too far. It really shows how the flickering light of tolerance of descend in opinion has dimmed in our republic. Personally, I find that more reprehensible than who another individual voted for.


Last Friday, on January 17th, 2017, I found myself watching the coverage of President Trump’s inauguration. Now, I was not even a Trump supporter, I voted for Gary Johnson in the 2016 election. However, due to all the controversy surrounding Trump, it was a spectacle that I could not miss. Must-see-T.V. If that expression resonates with you. However, the Inauguration in of itself was a staid affair. The really captivating aspect of the whole event were the Protesters. Right beside the calm, formal, and almost somber inauguration was the jarring footage of the protesters.

The Protesters ended up being the real news story at the end of that day. Angust consumed anarchists clad in black and attire obscuring their faces. All clinging to a distortion of facts, political ideology, and logic. All united by their disdain for President Trump. I watched these misguided and seriously disturbed individual damage property, loot area businesses in downtown Washington D.C., and assault others. All of which was justified by protesting the presidency of Donald Trump. What really horrified me about the whole occurrence was the fact that it was all unnecessary. We have a right to free speech here in the United States Due to the First Amendment of the Constitution. Please note that this very document protects expression versus outward harm to others.

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It was troubling to see those violent and destruction protests transpire all due to the inauguration of a controversial president. What it clearly demonstrated is that in this country we have lost the capability of peaceful political discourse. All because you disagree with something does not give an individual permission to react in a manner that is harmful to society. Our First Amendment gives us constructive recourse to express our displeasure and to enact change. Apparently the once violence opposed Liberals missed the memo on that one. Seriously, that whole scene was obscenely unacceptable and disgraceful. It shockingly parallel the riots in Athens, Greece a few years back. Come on America we can do better !!!

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