Political Opinion # 10: Abortion VS. Regulations



Abortion has for a very long time in the United States has been a polarizing topic and lightening rod for controversy within political discourse. For years, many have argued from a primarily  theological  perspective that the act is immoral and is equivalent to murder. While others champion it as reproductive right that should be preserved. Regardless of your own perspective this  has never really been a topic with a linear solution. Directly confronts the ethical and philosophical differences that exist within the vibrant political spectrum of the United States.


However, while the process of over turning  Roe V. Wade ruling with the Supreme Court would be a cumbersome endeavor, some seek tighter  regulations on the pratice. Congressmen Stephen King of Iowa and activist Janet Porter are seeking  to achieve such means of making the parameters under which abortions are preformed more strict. Both are looking for such reforms through their proposal of  the  Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017.




Per Breitbart News, Porter and Congressman King have presented the piece of legislation to Capitol Hill. The law would provide prohibit any fetus with a heart beat from being aborted. Congressmen King, provided the only stipulation  being if the pregnancy threatened the wellbeing of the mother. The proposed bill would also impose a penalty of 5 years in prison for those who violate the provisions. On January 12, 2017, the bill was filed and provided to the House Judiciary Committee. This all comes after Porters proposed bill passed in house and senate, however was vetoed by Gov. John Keisch. Keisch passed a bill that protected fetuses at the 20 week mark due to nerve development. Similar legislation has been presented in 17 states and passed in  three.









Above is a graphic video of the aftermath of the procedure, considering we are all adults here I believe we all need to see this fr0m a visual perspective. I  know many of you are probably thing that this guy is probably a Pro-lifer for giving  you all of the gorey details. However, I am not necessarily. I am not religious, therefore that bias is already eliminated. As a Libertarian, I believe  that the federal government should not be getting involved in abortion regulations. I believe that it should be resolved by the lowest level of government as possible, which would be the state level. Which these “Heart beat laws” were developed at.  However, who are the proponents of such bills to tell others how to live their lives? Why prohibit it when you could merely not participate in the procedure and forgive those who do for their sins? We as a society need to stop thinking about things from merely just one paradigm. All because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it should be prohibited. Also ,  all  you are doing by banning it is setting up a potential for a black market which would be a public health disaster. Depending on how you interpret the  Non-Agression Principle an unwanted fetus could be viewed as being a trespasser. What doe  Liberterians do to trespassers (as I place more ammo in the magazine)? Seriously , this topic has many  economic, religious, social, philosophical variables to consider.



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