Political Opinions # 11: Tone Deaf Political Correctness



This will certainly is not my first blog post about the perils and follies of political correctness and certainly will not be my last.  This post will clearly demonstrate how political correctness is becoming laboriously absurd. I feel as if  P.C. Police are the biggest threats to our right to free speech at the moment. At this point in US history , political correctness is almost outmoded.  The vast majority of  American citizens are not sexist, homophobic or racist. However, the nearly oxymoronic parallel is the fact that liberals are becoming increasingly easier to trigger. So much so that even if puns are potential justifications for being labeled as a biggot as comedian Jerry Seinfeld has found out.




On January 26, 2017, actor/ comedian Jerry Seinfeld received a rapid crash course on the harsh reality of political correctness. On this day , Seinfeld send out a tweet to promote the upcoming new season of  Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. To promote the first new episode, Seinfeld  tweeted :


“Lewis Black.

Black’s life Matters”.


The tweet being a play on words, the episode’s guest being Lewis Black and the  name of the “activist” group Black Lives Matters. However, while being a lame and corny joke, many of Seinfeld’s Twitter followers saw it as a much more serious matter. Many commenting on the tweet ,expressing how it was in bad taste to make light of  an activist group with a legitimate cause. Contrary to all of the back lash, Seinfeld as still not deleted the tweet nor apologized for it.






All I have to see to this whole situation is WOW!!! The most offensive thing about that whole tweet was how two dimensional and lame the joke was. Was there anything inherently offensive about the joke? No. Come on it was innocent pun that is it. There was not any political motive or agenda. Essentially, Seinfeld saw a quick and easy joke and ran with it. However, for his  Twitter followers to be triggered so easily  by a mere pun, is lunacy.  First off, did the joke convey anything offensive to African Americans or even BLM ? NO!  Second off, BLM isn’t an activist group. The are a racist Supremist group. They are the African-American version of the KKK. Yet, for some ludicrous reason the mass media perceives their cause as legitimate. When all BLM does is  propogate hatered and racial division. Also, I commend Seinfeld for not  capitulating to the P.C. Bullies.  Wish there were more Hollywood types who would do so. Folks it was only a fucking hokey joke, relax and please analyze the context a little more closely!!!!!!!



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