Political Opinions# 14: Silver Lining?


In regards to politics, few people are willing to find common ground with the opposing party. Often times , capitulating to a tribal paradigm and groupthink. Such partisan conformity engenders and worsens existing dichotomies. Hence, why I give a lot of credit to politicians like Bernie Sanders, Rand Paul, and Robert Kennedy  JR., who are willing to side with the opposite side to achieve a common goal. My question to the ideologs becomes why is it such a sin to work with the other side to achieve a common goal?

I will admit I was not a Donald Trump supporter during the 2016 election cycle. I voted for Gary Johnson, however,  that does not mean I completely condemn Trump. The way I see it is that every President had done things that I agree and disagree with. The same will be true for Trump. So I while not thrilled with him , am willing to give him a chance. I am not okay with hoping for his failure out of spite, he is our president after all. So, I am now looking for congruence in ideology between his decisions and my political beliefs. What particularly struck a cord with me was his abolishment of the tax penalty under Obamacare.




There is quite a bit  I agree with and disagree with in regards to policy, when it comes to Trump.  I disagree with the wall he is looking to erect on the Mexican boarder. However, I do agree with tax cuts, creating more jobs, relinquishing PC culture, and rebuilding infrastructure (if done so in a fiscally conservative manner). However, the one thing that Trump has done that  really stuck out to me was abolishment of the ACA tax penalty.


Per the conservative and liberal sources that I have cross referenced, despite there being a lack of replacement, Trump plans on abolishing the ACA tax penalty for 2016 taxes forward. I have opposed ACA from day one, due to my belief in the federal government shouldn’t be involved in healthcare and insurance. However, the implementation of the oppressive penalty for not having health insurance was reprehensible.  Why pressure the citizens to procure insurance via a substantial fine?  Why can’t we have the freedom to choose for ourselves without being penalized? However,  I do thank Trump for getting rid of this unjust penalty prior to having a comparable replacement for ACA.





Now ,I will note that nowhere do I discuss  how the abolishment of ACA will impact those who have benefited from it or how to address factors impacting healthcare costs. Nor, did I address the folly of not having a solution prior to scraping the prior plan. However, that isn’t the point of this post.  The point was about finding common ground opposing parties.I chose to use the Alt-Right abolishing ACA tax penalty as an example. However, about the ACA penalty, I can tell you that it is unjust anecdotally. A few months back I was laid off from my job and concerned about the tax penalty for noncompliance of ACA. However, because I am not eligible for public assistance (welfare) the cheapest government plan was more than my car payment.  So punish me for losing my job, that’s rational!!!!







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