Political Opinions#17: I am sick of hearing about Russia.



Ever since  the victory of Donald Trump in the Presidental election, his purported collusion with Russia has been a hot topic. However, i feel that such claims are very difficult to substantiate. All because Michael Flynn got his hand caught in the cookie jar does not necessarily make Trump and cabinet guilty. In kind of a convoluted twist this at first appeared to be a left wing resurrection of Neo-McCarthyism. Irony being ,Conservatives were the ones flaming the fires of the inquisition in 1950s.


However, that was how it appeared up until recently. Now Trump is levying his own accusations of  back door relations between Russia and the Clintons. While all this nonsense about Russia is merely an example,         It exemplifies the greater issue with the right/left partisan paradigm. The fact that both sides reside in their own echo chamber promoting their own agenda. Both side blurring the lines between the facts. Which further makes the accusations of Russian collusion more Tedious. All these tactics serve is to have each side undermine the other.



The origins of  Trump being in bed with the Russians dates back  the 2016 presidential election.  When it was proclaimed that Russia hacked the DNC email server to procure info to influence the election. If such an ocurrence did genuinely transpired would treasonous.(http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN1441RS) However, accusations of Russian connections have also been directed at Trump’s cabinet. Which ended up with the termination of former National Security adviser Michael Flynn for dishonest in regards to his connections to Russia.



While this may give some insight to the origins of  this neo-red scare crusade, this witch hunt is ongoing. Conservatives are now in the process of cannibalizing each. It is well noted that Trump was even divisive among republicans. He rode on the curtails of the emerging Alt-Right movement, which as caused a schism  within the party. So now any descent from the establishment Conservatives is viewed as a threatening prospect. Hence, why Arizona senator John McCain inferred that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was doing the bidding of Putin when he voted against  a resolution that would allow Montenegro from joining NATO. Please keep in mind that Paul is a Republican with Libertarian leanings.



However, claims of Russian ties have been placed against far-right media sources as well. The FBI has initiated an investigation into Breitbart News and InfoWars in regards to Russian ties. The FBI checking to see if either organization was involved with Russia’s cyber operation during 2016 election.  Per investigators may have widened search engine results for pro-Trump content. Naturally such proclamations have been ardently denied by InfoWars founder Alex Jones.




Now, right when I was about to congratulate Trump for not blaming any of the liberals for having Russian ties, he fucking blows it. Now Trump is calling for a probe into the Clintons and their ties to Russia. Specifically in regards to allegations that the Clintons, Sold off U.S. Uranium reserves to a Russian mining company. So now that our President is levying his own accusations, the narrative of the “Great Russia Conspiracy ” is now bipartisan.




Let me convey this one point, I am not a fan of the Clintons nor am I of Trump. However, Trump is the president and I certainly don’t want him to fail. So I don’t have a horse in the race when it comes to all this nonsense about Russia. However, I personally question the veracity of all of these accusations of Russian ties.  Keep in mind, I obtained all of this information from media sources. It is difficult to determine who is providing factual information when there is always a conspicuous bias. The media much like right and left wing political proponents live in an echo chamber. Radiating and vibrating through, is purely their own preferred paradigm. So I don’t know who to trust when  it comes to all these claims of Russian connections. Would Breitbart, Newsmax, or the Daily Caller ever paint Trump in a positive light. Vice versa for Huffington Post, Washington Post, Vice, etc.  Without a reliable and impartial source to confirm these claims of Russian connections to Trump, I suppose I can only view it as post election mud slinging. That is the problem, who is the fake news and who is supplying us with the truth?????? I either way I am fucking tired of hearing about Russia at this point.

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