Political Opinions #20: Comey Terminated



I was trying to evade this topic due to the massive amount of attention it has garnered in the past week. However, unfortunately,  the potential consequences for our country are too significant to ignore. Last week President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. It was stated by our president that he did fire Comey in regards to his unwillingness to capitulate in the investigation of Michael Flynn. Specifically in regards to Flynn’s  Russian connections.


Unlike the majority of my previous posts, I refuse to formally cite any official news sources. First off,  this story has completely bombarded our print, audio, video, and digital media. Therefore, now the story is part of general knowledge due to the overexposure. Second off, this post is mainly going to be an opinion piece with little reference to objective fact. However, as much as I resisted to comment on this tawdry situation. My self restraint not nearly resolute enough to not be eroded by the temptation to voice my perspective.


Above all, this whole situation with Trump and the investigation into the potential of his Russian collusion is an embarrassment.  While for the liberals of this country , this is their wet dream. A potential path to pave towards the road to impeachment. However, I feel this scenario reflects a mix between an outlandish tabloid headline and a Plot for a Tom Clancy novel. A little bit of sleaze and the absurd twist of a techno triller novel, someone please shoot me. This makes me embarrassed of my country and concerned for the future.




The must conspicuous and salient observation I can make is that this move is extremely suspect. Per a plethora of various sources Trump excused everyone besides himself and Comey when he was terminated as FBI director. Which ran aslant from the consul of Jeff Sessions. In which Trump clearly stated that he was firing Comey over his investigation into Flynn’s Russian connections.


When all the facts are presented, it isn’t an earth shattering revelation to proclaim this all to be suspect. If Trump did not have any misdoings to obscure, why would he leverage Comey’s job as a means of stifling the investigation?  However, what further compounds the situation is the fact Trump dismissed everyone, except himself and Comey when he was terminated. Also, Trump having confirmed that Comey’s  firing was a direct result of his investigation only makes the water more murky.  All of these actions, while the do not necessarily indict Trump automatically, it is all highly troubling.


As much as I currently disapprove of the president, I do hope is awarded proper due process. Unlike the crowds and mobs of rapid Neo-cons and Liberals, I prefer to have a trial prior to burning a witch at the stake. So for those incessantly chanting “impeach”, please slow your roll. Even  sinister used car salesmen with shitty hair should have the to a fair investigation of  transgressions prior to punitive actions.  Considering there isn’t enough hard evidence at the moment to completely oust him from office, I would say time will be the determining factor. If Trump is as corrupt as he seems right now his guilt will be his undoing. However, he must also atone for his hubris of being so blant about his  treasonous conduct. This is all such a goddamn joke, even Ian Fleming, after drinking a case of Talisker Single Malt Scotch, could contrive such an outlandish plot.  Would Trump be the ultimate James Bond villain?


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