Political Opinions 21: Is Trump’s America 1st Economic Policy really Conservative?


While this article maybe a few months old, I still personally find it to be quite compelling. Former Editor-at-large of Breitbart Ben Sharpio, provided some significant insight in in his article “Trumps Hire American, Buy American Is Retribution By Another Name”. It at it’s core reveals that Trump utilizes tactics of the left to promote “conservative” economic values. However, while many Trump supports perceive him as a political maverick, he economically is utilizing the Neo-Conservative course of action to insulate an isolationist policy. Essentially he is attempting to manipulate the free market to carter to American enterprises versus allowing the natural flow and competition of the production market even itself out. Which I personally find troubling , because I believe that the government should not artificially manipulate the market to control for specific outcomes.




Mr. Shaprio’s article “Trumps Hire American, Buy American Is Retribution By Another Name”, published in the National  Review, exposes Trumps emphasis on stacking the deck for American labor as being a clear violation of Laissez-Fare economics. Sharpio mentions how forcing companies to hire American is problematic in regards to diminishing the potential pool of qualified applicants. Second, he mentions how this plan would require subsidiary funding from tax payers, due to the fact the Trump’s program would “ensure that government contracts go to American companies”. Not only would this be at our expense it would also open the door for crony capitalism via government ascertaining pricing being insufficient,  nepotism playing a role in which companies get these contracts.  Shaprio  then also expounds upon how such measures would be economic suicide. How countries such as Venezuela & North Korea have imposed similar measures and are in dire economic shape.



Now please note, that there is little in the way of partisanship here coming from Ben Sharpio. This isn’t merely a cheap shot from the Left, Mr. Shaprio is a dye-in-the-wool conservative. He brings up some excellent points in this article. Why restrict our applicant pool, why have the tax payers fund, & why put our economy in jeopardy merely to create the mirage of  strengthening our economy. Shouldn’t the market dictate the major producers of goods through competition versus government intervention? Doesn’t the conservative ideology champion free markets and minimizing government intervention? I feel like all of these measures are merely aimed at the heart strings of Trump’s core voter demographics, rather than facts and reason. Does over extending government control over our economy to prop up dying industries such as coal mining real make America great again? No it simply does not. It sounds great on paper, however, it is  pure fantasy. Unfortunately, those factory jobs are not coming back. I do sympathize with those in the rust belt that suffer from a lack of employment opportunities. However, President Trump artificially manipulating our economy to put preference towards American companies is not the answer. It is quite compelling how conservatives distain social welfare, yet believe this suicidal course of action will help us out. All we need to do is look at the economic legacies of Hover and FDR to see such action is asinine. If you are truly a conservative and are a proponent of free market  capitalism you need to seriously consider the ramifications of such measures. Also, if we only made goods in the United States the costs of goods would be extremely high. A pair of jeans made in Vietnam costs about 50.00 USD. That cost would most likely double or even triple if made domestically.




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