Political Opinions # 27: NYC Halloween Terror Attack



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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past sixteen years it is quite conspicuous that Islamic terrorism is a threat to our national security. Many proponents of President Trump’s proposed travel ban would point to the recent Halloween Terror Attack in New York City as glaring justification for such legislation.  However, is the solution to preventing and curtailing such incidents really as linear as creating a travel or are is the situation much more complex? I would veer towards the notion that it is more complex than merely putting immigration and travel restrictions on individuals from countries the government has deemed as being “high risk”. Such legislation not only addresses one variable in a complex issue, but is also punitive towards innocent people who want to are seeking more prosperous life in the United States.  It could possibly be unwise to brashly create broad policies when the issue is much more nuanced than merely implementing a travel ban.





I details presented on the NYC Terror Attack were obtained from a Washington Post article, so please excuse if any of this information is tainted with liberal bias. On October 31, 2017,  accused perpetrator, Sayfullo Saipov killed eight people and injured twelve  by running them over with a rented truck on bike path. The twenty-nine-year-old immigrated from the United States from Uzbekistan in 2010  “… through a diversity visa program…”. It should be noted that investigators are also looking for another man Muhammad Karirov for potential involvement in the incident. According to authorities the carnage ensued until Saipov plowed into a School bus. The suspect was apprehended by Officer Ryan Nash, after Nash incapacitated the suspect by shooting him in the stomach.


Per reports from investigators Saipov’s motives were clearly fueled by Islamic radicalism, noting that he was inspired to commit this atrocity after watching Isis videos. However, it should be mentioned that Saipov also passed previous background checks when he applied for his VISA sponsorship. Despite that fact the suspect had been planning this attack for over a year and choose the method of execution  and date specifically to maximize the body count. As of the current time ISIS still  has not claimed responsibility for the attack. Officials have charged the suspect with “.. martial support to a terrorist organization and violent and destruction of a motor vehicle…”.






The one thing that should be universally evident is that this attack was nothing short of horrific and tragic. My condolences goes out to all of the families that have lost loved one(s) in this reprehensible attacks of unhinged radicalism and pervasion of legitimate religion. No individual should diminish how harrowing this whole atrocity is and was. However, what is our course of action to help prevent such occurrences in the future?  What was really unnerving about this attack in particular is that it was very reminiscent of the attack that transpired in Berlin in December 2016. The weapon of choice was again a truck. Erie parallels to this attack and the attack in Berlin certainly do their job of promoting trepidation.  I certainly would like measured and rational policy to better prevent such terror attacks.


Some of you are probably wondering then why I am not in favor of President Trump’s travel ban, if I am concerned about such an occurrence happening again?  Let’s face it putting a bandage on cancer not only is futile, but is also not going to stymie the issue.  All such  will punish innocent and honest people who want to come to this country for a better life. However, in regards to vetting immigrants coming to the United States, we know in this instance it would have been useless, as the suspect had not previous involvement with terror or radical groups. Is it not narrow minded to think that American born citizens can also become attracted to radical ideologies of groups such as ISIS?  Some really  excellent examples  would be the Fort Hood Shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan or the Dirty bomb plot of Jose Padilla in 2002(https://www.splcenter.org/fighting-hate/intelligence-report/2015/30-terrorist-attacks-and-plots-homegrown-jihadists). I suppose my question to President Trump is how is your travel ban going to curtail or impact these acts of terrorism? Many would counter by saying that it would not have prevented those plots and attacks, however, whatever attacks that could be prevented by the travel ban provides enough justification. It should be noted, it isn’t where people come from that makes them a terrorist, but rather the ideology they embrace. In other words , it is war of ideas and conflicting philosophies that unfortunately  has manifested itself into physical acts of violence and terror.


Another pertinent concern I have that is not applicable to the travel ban,  is that will this incident be used as justification for relinquishing our civil liberties ( specifically privacy). I feel like an time an attack of this caliber transpires we suffer from what I call 9/11 syndrome.  This where the American citizens are willing to give up their rights merely for the minuscule increase  in a sense of safety. Please notice how I stated sense of safety versus and actual increase in safety both are two very different entities.  Yet, the majority of Americans were in favor of the parameters of the Patriot Act when there were some genuine violations to our right to privacy detailed in that legislation.  It is almost like our country is so shell shocked by these tragedies that is almost automatically acceptable to violate our Constitution  for the illusion of safety. Capitulating your rights to your government will not guarantee you safety as safety can never be promised. Even with such invasive policies, there is always the potential for a hostile actor to slip through the cracks. It is almost childish to believe that your safety can be one-hundred percent secured through giving up the rights our Founding Fathers fought hard to establish. We do not need the government to guarantee our safety at the expense of the Constitution. If anyone is really that concerned for their safety t probably should invest in firearms and learn how to properly use them.




I love how the United States government is so cunning that they could almost function as professional marketing company. The “Patriot Act”, as in you are not patriotic if you support this unconstitutional piece of legislation.  To quote Jesse Ventura, it is more like the “Treason Act”. Propaganda at its finest, has such legislation even been effective in curtailing terrorist activity? I would summarize not, you are grappling with ideas not people. Even if you incarcerate all suspected terrorists, there will be a flood of other radicals to take their place. That is a huge problem with our polices in regards to terrorism. We try to approach an untreatable terminal illness as curable, we will remain in a stalemate. Until Islam goes through its own reformation in an attempt to stifle radicalism this will continue to be an ongoing issue.








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4 thoughts on “Political Opinions # 27: NYC Halloween Terror Attack”

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Good article and well written. While it is true that not all of any peoples, are inherently bad, realization is, that bad people are out there, and open to interpretation of good and evil.
    My own feelings of immigration bans/curtailment, fluctuates, as there is a shifting equilibrium. The Patriot Act, only empowered a congress that sought to become monarchy rather than be servants of, the People. If a Libertarian route were sought, I would venture to say that give America, Constitutional Carry & Stand Your Ground, unified as one law, and made the Law-of-the-Land, and then the DC cadre can build walls that tunnels can thwart, or explosives can open. Harass those from outside nations seeking a better life, while inviting unknown commodities into the bosom of the nation. Makes no difference. Bottom line is, that Trump, while better than Hillary, is nothing more than BHO 2.0, and nothing has changed for the better.
    Constitutional Carry, is, the one and only answer. As for the NYC 10/31 Attack, what next, ban motor vehicles? Why not ban bicycles, and nobody gets mowed down, but somehow that, makes no sense. Why is any of it important? Because the time approaches when something drastic could possibly happen. NSA (the “Almighty NSA”), and the FBI (F’getaBoutIt!), are supposed to know everything and record everything, killing rights of privacy, DROPPED THE BALL, YET AGAIN. How many billions of taxpayer dollars are wasted on those two agencies? The general population of America remains, sheep awaiting slaughter, and let me tell everyone something, I worked in a slaughterhouse for one year, and the same traits are exhibited in the animals and people, who are trusting in leaders. But I am an old man, what do I know.

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