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I sincerely encourage all of my regular visitors to read this classic essay published by the Foundation for Economic Education.  It was originally published back in 1959, detailing the socialistic tendencies of the inhabitants of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The essay explains how once the puritans did away with their collective system for allocating resources conditions began to improve.

The essay is entitled Our First Thanksgiving and it provides a unique history lesson regarding the holiday that has become in the modern-era a feast centered around football, food, beer and light conversation. However, it is important to never forget the struggles of the Pilgrims. The same system of resource distribution that failed the Pilgrims in the nascent years of the Massachusetts Colony is being proposed today. These policies are merely being presented in different packaging. Our puritan forefathers believed they could bring the kingdom of heaven down to Earth, utopia. It is imperative to note that this endeavor failed! The European settlers underestimated human nature and the basic tenants of resource management. Let’s hope we never regress to the back to the lofty ideals of the 1620s!

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