A shout out to the Ludwig Von Mises Institute for the Free books. Yes, I have read Economics in One Lesson in the past. However, I didn’t own it. The Mises Institute edition is a beautiful hardcover that does the book justice.

14 thoughts on “Courtesy of The Mises Institute.

  1. Nice! I recall my astonished reaction after reading the chapters on inflation and price controls. I walked away with a truly enlightened and thus skeptical view towards any measure to increase government intervention.

    Also, I thought I would ask, do you know where I could pick up a copy of “The Turning Point – revitalizing the Soviet economy” by Russian economists Shmelev and Popov? I have been searching for it unsuccessfully over the last 3 months.

    And Happy New Year,

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    1. Happy New year. That is a difficult book find.

      Sold out everywhere and it commands a high price tag. Out of my curiosity I have contacted the publisher. If I receive an update I will let you know. eBay maybe another good place to look.

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  2. My thanks and appreciation Peter,

    I’ll continue to keep my eyes open for a copy since I’m thinking it may turn up unexpectedly with time.

    Also, thanks for recommending searching eBay. While exploring the used books I chanced across a semi-intact 150 year old copy of John Milton’s Paradise Lost. I picked it up in a heartbeat!

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