Essays 1-10:

Bootleggers & Baptists: Volume 1

Essays 10-20:

Bootleggers and Baptists: Volume 2

Essays: 20-30

Bootleggers & Baptists: Volume 3

Essays 30-40:

Bootleggers and Baptists- XXX: USB-C Mandate in Europe

Bootleggers and Baptists-XXXI: Microchip Shortage

Bootleggers and Baptists XXXII: The Bootleggers of Mask Mandates

Bootleggers and Baptists XXXIII- The Three-Tiered Distribution of Beer in the “Bible Belt”

Bootleggers & Baptists: XXXIV: The Supervisor Spot at Work

Bootleggers & Baptists-XXXV: Multiple Listing Services & Real Estate

Bootleggers & Baptists: XXXVI- Woke Capitalism and Coalitions of Opportunity

Bootleggers & Baptists: XXXVII: Salmon in Alaska (The Fight Against GMO Food)

Bootleggers & Baptists: XXXVIII- Prop. 5 (California, 1998)- Tribal Gaming

Bootleggers & Baptists XXXIX- AB-5 and Uber

Bootleggers & Baptists: XL- Joe Rogan: Team Spotify v. The Medical Establishment

Supplemental Content:

Editorial Graveyard- Part III: The Bootlegger and Baptists of Woke Capitalism

Bootleggers & Baptists: XL served as the rough draft for Censorship Isn’t the Answer to “Misinformation.” But Retrodiction Markets Might Be- Published by The Foundation for Economic Education”.


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