I am an amateur political and philosophical commentator attempting to make sense of the world. For the deficits, I  possess in regards to professional expertise, I make up for in candor. If you are looking for polished content from an ivory tower academic with predictable opinions that mirror institutional conventional wisdom, this may not be your cup of tea. Yes, you will be subjected to the unenlightened opinions of a regular person. A regular person that does not have a  professional background in journalism or politics.  But rather an eccentric individual, who is attempting to grow as a thinker as well as a person. An individual who does make mistakes and misattributions and is able to own up with to them. Individual who is able to disclose his own ideological and philosophical predispositions. Simultaneously, attempt to distance himself from them. Which is a feat that grappling with has proved to be a formidable challenge. Especially as we live in an age of wanton and excessively pervasive social media consumption. We currently sit at the apogee of incivility and ideological tribalism. The sooner we relinquish our marriage to fixed ideological obligations the sooner we will see progress.


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Being foreright, I will admit that I have also been a pawn used on the chessboard of ideological warfare. I have let my biases get the better of me and have gone too far in defending my point of view.  Maybe more accurately went too far in defending the virtues of my ideological tribe. I am a libertarian, however, I am attempting to challenge myself and my point of views. I am hoping to experience a philosophical evolution, a metamorphosis if you will indulge in that notion. I want each blog entry to represent a stage in the ongoing progress of this evolution. Yes, I will admit that my early blog entries were somewhat sophomoric in tone, however, I was attempting to find my own voice and an audience. I felt at the time maybe some irreverent and misplaced humor may have a place in my writing and now have come realize that it does not. Rather I will use sincere discourse to provoke thought and generate conversation. I want this blog to be an enclave for the exchange of ideas, however, I cannot achieve this without the reader feedback. No reader commentary would be analogous to the absence of debate at the Salons during the Great Enlightenment.  I strongly encourage all readers to engage me and to interact with the content. While this blog is a journey of my evolution as a thinker it cannot be achieved in solitude.


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