Political Opinions # 11: Tone Deaf Political Correctness



This will certainly is not my first blog post about the perils and follies of political correctness and certainly will not be my last.  This post will clearly demonstrate how political correctness is becoming laboriously absurd. I feel as if  P.C. Police are the biggest threats to our right to free speech at the moment. At this point in US history , political correctness is almost outmoded.  The vast majority of  American citizens are not sexist, homophobic or racist. However, the nearly oxymoronic parallel is the fact that liberals are becoming increasingly easier to trigger. So much so that even if puns are potential justifications for being labeled as a biggot as comedian Jerry Seinfeld has found out.




On January 26, 2017, actor/ comedian Jerry Seinfeld received a rapid crash course on the harsh reality of political correctness. On this day , Seinfeld send out a tweet to promote the upcoming new season of  Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. To promote the first new episode, Seinfeld  tweeted :


“Lewis Black.

Black’s life Matters”.


The tweet being a play on words, the episode’s guest being Lewis Black and the  name of the “activist” group Black Lives Matters. However, while being a lame and corny joke, many of Seinfeld’s Twitter followers saw it as a much more serious matter. Many commenting on the tweet ,expressing how it was in bad taste to make light of  an activist group with a legitimate cause. Contrary to all of the back lash, Seinfeld as still not deleted the tweet nor apologized for it.






All I have to see to this whole situation is WOW!!! The most offensive thing about that whole tweet was how two dimensional and lame the joke was. Was there anything inherently offensive about the joke? No. Come on it was innocent pun that is it. There was not any political motive or agenda. Essentially, Seinfeld saw a quick and easy joke and ran with it. However, for his  Twitter followers to be triggered so easily  by a mere pun, is lunacy.  First off, did the joke convey anything offensive to African Americans or even BLM ? NO!  Second off, BLM isn’t an activist group. The are a racist Supremist group. They are the African-American version of the KKK. Yet, for some ludicrous reason the mass media perceives their cause as legitimate. When all BLM does is  propogate hatered and racial division. Also, I commend Seinfeld for not  capitulating to the P.C. Bullies.  Wish there were more Hollywood types who would do so. Folks it was only a fucking hokey joke, relax and please analyze the context a little more closely!!!!!!!



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Political Opinions #9: Inaugural Misconduct


Often times in politics we find ourselves at odds with the opinions of others. Also, if you have ties to a specific political party you may even experience the bitter taste of defeat. However, typically U.S. Citizens of voting age tend to have the capacity to handle such disappointment in a mature manner. Unfortunately decorum and restraint was not practiced by all demonstrators on Inauaration day, this past Friday. Granted Donald Trump is a controversial President (even prior to him being sworn in), however, many protesters took there demonstrations a little too far. It really shows how the flickering light of tolerance of descend in opinion has dimmed in our republic. Personally, I find that more reprehensible than who another individual voted for.


Last Friday, on January 17th, 2017, I found myself watching the coverage of President Trump’s inauguration. Now, I was not even a Trump supporter, I voted for Gary Johnson in the 2016 election. However, due to all the controversy surrounding Trump, it was a spectacle that I could not miss. Must-see-T.V. If that expression resonates with you. However, the Inauguration in of itself was a staid affair. The really captivating aspect of the whole event were the Protesters. Right beside the calm, formal, and almost somber inauguration was the jarring footage of the protesters.

The Protesters ended up being the real news story at the end of that day. Angust consumed anarchists clad in black and attire obscuring their faces. All clinging to a distortion of facts, political ideology, and logic. All united by their disdain for President Trump. I watched these misguided and seriously disturbed individual damage property, loot area businesses in downtown Washington D.C., and assault others. All of which was justified by protesting the presidency of Donald Trump. What really horrified me about the whole occurrence was the fact that it was all unnecessary. We have a right to free speech here in the United States Due to the First Amendment of the Constitution. Please note that this very document protects expression versus outward harm to others.

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It was troubling to see those violent and destruction protests transpire all due to the inauguration of a controversial president. What it clearly demonstrated is that in this country we have lost the capability of peaceful political discourse. All because you disagree with something does not give an individual permission to react in a manner that is harmful to society. Our First Amendment gives us constructive recourse to express our displeasure and to enact change. Apparently the once violence opposed Liberals missed the memo on that one. Seriously, that whole scene was obscenely unacceptable and disgraceful. It shockingly parallel the riots in Athens, Greece a few years back. Come on America we can do better !!!

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Political Opinions #8: Rosie and Proposed Federal Oversight



Often times, celebrities believe due to their notarity or popularity that the general public cares to know all of their opinions. Especially when it comes in regards to political commentary. Even though the vast majority of celebrities share the same political ideology, they all seem to expound upon their predictable points of view as if they are serendipitous revelations. This same observation can be applied to their opinion of  president elect Donald Trump. Rosie O’Donnell has been a very outspoken  critic of President-elect Trump. So much so, that she is calling for Martial law to delay  the inauguration  to investigate the alleged crimes of Trump. Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Shit, I didn’t even vote for the guy, however, such measures do seem a little extreme.



Comedian Rosie O’ Donnell  declared on Twitter on  January 11, 2016 that President-elect Trump  should be prohibited from taking office  on Inauguration Day on January 20. O’Donnell cited the rationale for doing so to be in order to investigate if Trump had acquired office under legitimate terms. She utilized the term “cheated” in a subsequent tweet. However,  the comedian found the need to delay trump assuming office so dire, she suggested that this investigation should be enforced by martial law.




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Look here folks, I am not a diehard Trump supporter, I would have been much happier having Rand Paul as president. However, what O’ Donnell is proposing is absolutely absurd.  Seriously, the only reason why she is so aggressive about preventing him  from becoming president are allegations from the Liberals against him.  However, what is  much more alarming is the fact that she is suggesting to utilize Martial law to achieve her ends, which is really kind of Nazi-like. What’s next imprisoning political opponents due to their victories?  This is really some freightening things to be hearing from someone who is in the public eye. I really hope that no sober minded  individual with authority in the government would ever entertain the notion of such insanity. Absolutely absurd, the left would rather turn this country into a Nazi state than lose gracefully. My word, this is insane. Why would anyone want such an egregious overreach of federal power with insufficient evidence to do so?

Political Opinions# 7: The Demise of Obama Care


Every now and then, through out the course of human history, we take erroneous turns that end up stirring us down the wrong path. I Would have to say that the 2010 passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was one of those wrong turns. In my opinion it was one of Obama’s biggest follies as president. It only did this piece of legislation did it fail to provide affordable quality care , but also penalized those who did not have health insurance. Which could be construed as the federal government over extending their authority into the healthcare choices of the citizens. As a Libertarian I find to be reprehensible, however, hearing the news that this horrid piece of legislation has been repealed, gives me faith for the future.


In a landmark turn of tides for healthcare coverage in the United States, Obama Care has been repealed. The vote was finalized early Thursday at approximately 1:35 am eastern standard time. The 2010, piece of legislation was repealed on a 51-to-48 vote. In turn terminating the legislation in its entirety, including penalties for noncompliance. It is important to not the only Republican to vote against the measure was Kentucky senator Rand Paul. Paul cited the lack of a replacement plan and lack of consideration for the national debt as criticism towards the measure. As to be expected the vast majority of democrats voted against the measure. Republican Senator Cory Booker did express congruence in opinion in regards to the simultaneous repeal and replace. However, did express how this legislative amendment would assist the incoming administration with formulating a better healthcare plan.



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I am glad to see that our United States Senate has ignited the spark for positive change in healthcare reform. While some may argue that some Americans may lose coverage to the repeal, you need to look at the negatives of the current legislation. The 2010, Affordable Health Care Act, allows the federal government to penalize citizens who do not have health insurance. If we live in a free society, how can our government bully us into having health insurance through lofty fines? That is definitely an example of over extension of the authority of the federal government. Also, if you have no other choice than to utilize Big Gov’t health insurance, it isn’t cheap. See, I was looking into procuring health insurance through the government to avoid all fines. Due to being laid off from my previous job. Thank god, I found a job that offered benefits not long after being laid off. I believe that the cheapest plan I saw was approximately 300.00 a month!!! Absolutely reprehensible, especially with all the taxes that had come out of my pay checks, good riddence. Glad to see it abolished, down with socialism. However, I would also like to note Senator Paul’s concerns in regards to the repeal measure that just passed. I commend him for not being hasty with accepting the legislation as is and questioning the economic ramifications of it. Knew his father Ron Paul was a good guy, however, as the saying goes father like son. Wouldn’t mind seeing Rand Paul on the ticket for 2020.

Political Opinions#5: The Day Racial Identity Politics Went Too Far


In 2017, you would think that the topic of Race would be a bygone issue. However, unfortunately it as prevalent as ever. The flames of bigotry are further excelerated by racial identity politics. Through racially divisive rhetoric and race baiting, racial identity politics are undoing much of the progress of the civil rights activism of 1960s. The most prevalent of these divisive organizations are Black Supremacy groups such as Black Lives Matter.

While society has already widely as a whole rejected White Supremacy groups, Black Supremacy groups are still supported by the media and pending being condemned by the general public.Such groups not only promote racism, but also incite violence against Caucasians and police. To the extent, Black Lives Matters have even inspired murders of police officers. However, for me the straw that broke the camel’s back was the incident that transpired in Chicago, IL ,last week,where an  18 year ago disabled man was toutured by a group of Black Supremacists.


According to source Breitbart.com, the incident began on December 31, 2016. The victim was picked up by classmate, Jordan Hill, 18, from a McDonalds in a suburb of Chicago,IL. The victim and his parents thought that Hill was picking up the victim for a sleepover.However, Hill and the three other assailants had more malicious motives. It is also should be noted that the victim was a man who suffered from disabilities. Instead of a slumber party, Hill drove the victim around in a stolen van for several days and was brought to a residence in Chicago. There the victim was tied up for hours and subjected to hours of psychological and emotional torture.The victim endured everything from being taunted with racial slurs, to being forced to drink toilet water, to physical violence,etc. The victim did eventually escape and was later found by police. The suspects are now  facing charges for the incident.                       (https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/01/05/police-chicago-victims-parents-received-taunting-messages/amp/)



Here is the video of the incident as it was broadcasted by the propertrators via Facebook live. Please note the nature of the video is graphic.




While it isn’t completely conspicuous that this whole incident was influenced by racial identity politics the rhetoric and conduct does seem to mirror such. Per Breitbart, the Chicago police stated that there was not enough evidence to link the incident to BLM. However, the properterators did use racial slurs against the victim and taunted him with other supremacist comments. Even, if these  cretans do not have formal ties to the organization they are definately still influenced by their venomous propaganda. While racism is really an abhorrent paradigm, to abuse an individual with disabilities in such a manner is that much more reprehensible. How is Michael Moore going to justify the actions of these four men and women? Will he pervert sociological theories to justify such actions ,similar to a biased college professor? In my opinion, this Black Supremacist nonsense is a hangover from the Black Panthers movement of the 1960s. It seems as every 20-30 some odd years later it is seems to resurrect itself (e.g. 1990s, popularity of Nation of Islam). However, our strides towards racial equality have never been made by racist and radicals extremists, but rather by color blind altruists such as Dr. Martin Luther King J.R. Hell, I’ll even include post Mecca Macolm X  in that list. Never have the radicals on either side of the fence have done anything other than make matters worse. Either way the media needs to stop  glorifying BLM supporters and stop lying about their agenda. They are a racist group, however, if you state the obvious facts you are in turn a bigot.

Lil Wayne and Morgan Freeman please weigh in:

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Political Opinions #4: Letter To The Boston Beer Company

Please note the letter of concern that I sent to the Boston Beer Company, who are the parent company of Samuel Adams beer:
Dear Mr. Koch,

My Name is Peter and I am an avid fan of craft beer, let me expound upon my journey as a beer drinker. Sorry to say sir, I started drinking beer as a teenager, up until I tried the Boston Lager, I absolutely despised beer. This very turning point not only converted me to a beer drink, but rather a craft beer enthusiast at the tender age of 17. So essentially, I do owe my appreciation of beer to you and your company. However, Mr. Koch, I am severely disappointed in your efforts to stifle the legalization of recreational Cannabis in Massachusetts in this past election. Granted, I no longer reside in Massachusetts, considering that I moved to Arizona in 2013. However, I fundamentally find such actions as being hypocritical, due to the fact that alcohol much like Cannabis is an intoxicant. Considering that you have been quite successful selling what is an intoxicant, how can you oppose the legalization of one that has been proven to cause minimal harm? Couldn’t quality Marijuana be savored responsibly as a connoisseur marketed product such as fine cigars, IPAs, single malt whiskies, etc.? Jim, I highly doubt that you would lose considerable business considering that nationally your company is a solidified fixture and a pioneer in the craft beer movement. Even, the states most densely populated with craft breweries (Oregon, Colorado, etc.), that have legalized recreational use prior to 2016; those breweries have not experienced a dire loss of business. So why continue to support ineffective and unjust drug policies that penalize otherwise productive citizens? While I understand that the ship has already sailed and that ballot question #4 has already passed, I still find your opposition to reprehensible. Do you really think our founding fathers would have voted to prohibit Cannabis in the first place? Well Sir, I believe not. I am sorry to say Mr. Koch, after ten years of my business (I am 27 now), you will be losing me as customer for good. I personally believe that both a craft beer market and recreational Cannabis market could both successfully co-exist. As a Libertarian, I am not even a Cannabis user, can only patronize companies that do not seek to curtail our freedoms and rights. Sorry to say, I will be doing business with more Cannabis friendly breweries such as Lagunitas from this point out.


Political Opinions#3: Merry ****ing Christmas

The plague of political correctness has infected and tainted much of our communication and discourse in American society. The most salient question then becomes where is the line is drawn? Where do we as a nation say enough is enough with skirting certain topics to spare the feelings of other? In a sense political correctness is extremely invasive and in my opinion has forced us to engage in an insurmountable amount of self censorship. Might I add, which seems to be extrapolated into absurdly irrational terms. The politically correct vocabulary seems to change day to day, week to week, and year to year. Even to make matters more absurd, sometimes defunct terms once again become acceptable labels for specified groups of people. However, I am not here to address politically correct labels and their schizophrenic variance, but rather the absurdity of its attack on Christmas. It all started with altering the phrase “Merry Christmas” to “Happy Holidays”. Then the P.C. Nazis decided to pressure municipalities and private business from having Christmas displays. Now as of the 2016 Christmas Season, I have heard rumblings of the phrase “Happy Holidays” now being considered offensive. Why because Jehovah’s Witnesses choosing to abstain from any type of celebration? This is completely absurd and it is connected to my previous post on Flag burning and free speech. As I previously mentioned about the “Domino Effect”, once one variation of self-expression is aimed to be prohibited others have a tendency to follow and then we head down a very slippery slope of self-righteous censorship. One thing that we need to remember here folks is that the constitution gives us freedom of expression not freedom from being offended.


Now, please note that I am relatively a young man (I am currently in my late 20’s); I do not remember Christmas being such as controversy as a child. When I was in Elementary School we use to have Christmas parties at School (gasp, I know the horror). These gatherings coordinated by my school had candy canes, Christmas trees and other holiday specific decorations, Christmas cookies, etc. Also, to further confirm the absurdity of this “War on Christmas”, let me state, I had non-Christian classmates. Never once, did any of the parents express their grievances about the school arranging an in-class Christmas party. I had classmates whom were Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists and not once were there any issues. So my guest becomes what in the hell happened? What is the drastic paradigm shift that has transpired between the 1990’s and 2016? It seems like within the past 10-15 years Christmas has been demonized and perceived as an insensitive holiday to celebrate. My non-Christian classmates and their parents/Guardians didn’t seem offended 15-20 years ago, something just doesn’t seem to be adding up here. My cognitive dissonance is really contorting seven ways to Sunday with befuddlement; something is really non-linear from the stand point of sound logic. It felt like just yesterday, no one really viewed Christmas as bigoted and marginalizing holiday.


Now, today, December 27, 2016, I am going to surmise why a holiday about joy, giving, family, kindness, love, peace etc. is now public enemy #1, which is the liberal agenda. Before I continue, yes I understand that it is theologically significant holiday for Christians; however, the spirit of the holiday itself can transcend theology. Now, why does the left want to prohibit displays that commemorate this holiday, well it seems to be heavily connected to political correctness. From my observations, it is essentially a self-righteous pissing contest, who ever can appear to be the most liberal wins. What do I mean by that, is most likely what you are asking yourselves? Well, each year the anti-Christian rhetoric seems to become more intense and more in extreme in the denial of this holiday. It has been a steady progression of “Your ignorant for saying merry Christmas, it should be Happy holidays”, etc. To the point where now that term is perceived as being obsolete and offensive. This same logic has been applied beyond our language but as seem to have been extrapolated to holiday displays as well. This variety of rhetoric is reinforced and encouraged by our media, press, and institutions of education, all of which are infamous for their Left-wing ideology. Individuals of this mindset promote this train of thought like a fashion statement, it’s was cool to deny the existence of this holiday by doing (blank) this year, that was so last year. Then the comments become “I thought you were more progressive than that, I guess you are nothing more than an ignorant knuckle-dragger”. Through this shifty adaptation of peer-pressure , liberals always feel the need to one up each other and push these insane beliefs upon the general public. As I stated earlier, please keep in mind the ideological biases of the individuals whom present information to the public (media, education, etc.). Especially, in age where most of the information we are bombarded with is filtered through this very paradigm.


While in the previous paragraph, I detail how the liberals approach spewing anti-Christmas rhetoric, did not address what their agenda is. At its basic core it is essentially what I describe as cultural homogenization, were we pretend as if there are no cultural differences between cultures. They attempt to do so by deny the validity of the predominate culture of the United States by denouncing and censoring it. From my observations, it is essentially “Guilty White Liberal Syndrome”, essentially demonize the dominate culture then condescendingly speak the virtues of the minority culture. They do so by promoting minority culture and denouncing the culture of the majority, to the extent of refusing to acknowledge Christmas , however, promoting Hanukah, Eid-al-Adha, Kwanzaa, etc. While speaking from the other side of their mouth stating “ We are all people, we are not all that different”. While this is a valid statement, because we as humans essentially all want the same things in life, the execution is essentially reverse discrimination. Essentially, attack the majority holiday due to the fact it is the majority holiday , state that minority cultures are superior, and then pretend as if this rejection of majority culture makes up for all of the inequalities of the world. The liberals believe that justice will be served through fusing all of the minority cultures together and rejecting the majority culture. However, those skilled in logic will see a major flaw here, through the fact that discriminating against the majority culture being equally as wrong as doing so to the minority culture. So I hate to break it to the Leftists, however, reverse discrimination does not atone for the sins committed by a very slim minority of Caucasian Christians. Not only is their logic flawed, their goals are disingenuous and are self-serving (done only to make them feel better about themselves).


Let me state for the record , I am not a Christian and that I personally do not participate in any form of organized religion, therefore do not cite me for bias. Also, these statements above are based purely on my opinions and observations and I do not purport them as object facts. However, while not a Christian, I personally belief that this attack on Christmas is absurd and really is an example of Political correctness run amuck . Based on my observations the vast majority of non-Christians do not find Christmas displays, greetings, etc to be offensive, so why behave in a knee-jerk and reactionary manner? That the real reason for this attack against Christmas is a self-soothing and hypocritical attempt by liberals to atone for the injustices committed against minority groups. However, does this absurd string of logic really accomplish what it strives to achieve? I would say no, I can’t even name a non-Christian (not connected to the trendy liberal inner circle) that feels as if this denial of Christmas is justified. Guilty Liberals, please just go to therapy if you cannot cope with the fact that you were born Caucasian and raised as a Christian. For the rest of us Merry F&$#ing Christmas, if you do not celebrate this holiday, celebrate whatever holiday you wish to celebrate, that is your right as an American.