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  • If Darwinism can be applied to gene selection, then the logic of “Darwinism” can be extrapolated to other fields of intellectual inquiry.
  • If Darwinism can be applied to biology, then it can be applied to social sciences such as sociology and economics.
  • If  Darwinism applies to the genetics of humans, then it can also be applied to socialization and social institutions.
  • If Darwinism is axiomatically true, then its applicability can be proliferated through the sound application of a priori reasoning.
  • If  Darwinism is true and cannot be applied to certain situations, then this is a condition of moral caveats more so than a judgment of truth.
  • If correct logic is only applied selectively, then the circumstances under which the concept is omitted would be an incorrect application.
  • If Darwinism is omitted in the analysis of the social sciences, then then this is a  selective application of the concept.
  • If a concept is being selectively applied, the reasoning behind this restriction in extrapolation is generally normative rather than positive.  

5 thoughts on “The Syllogisms of Social Darwinism

  1. I understand Darwinism to include two competing forces: (1) natural selection, in which some members of a population leave more descendants than others, and (2) sexual selection, in which some individuals in a population have more mating opportunities than others.

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    1. I understand your point from a biological ( the traditional application of Darwinism). Where reproductive success selects for advantageous traits, shaping the evolutionary process.

      I think my main point was lost in translation through the various series of syllogisms. Point being: Many folks who worship at the alter of science hold the Darwinian Theory of Evolution in high regard.

      However, simultaneously deploring the notion of applying the concept to social situations. Yes, the commentary of Herbert Spencer was harsh. But was he wrong about everything? Our success in society is based upon our skills, decisions, and knowledge. To pretend that these factors don’t apply to social mobility is wrong. Only those who are will to adapt are rewarded with success and financial stability. Take it from someone who has always yielded mediocre results. I fully acknowledge and take responsibility for my shortcomings.

      I find the embrace of “scientific “ Darwinism and a rejection of social Darwinism to be flawed. Both concepts are kissing cousins. Ethical hang-ups do not change this fact. Reproductive failure can be just as harsh as social failure. To accept one concept without the other is an error engendered by clouded judgement. Possessing lofty ideological commitments to egalitarianism does not nullify either concepts logical appurtenance.

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    2. Might I add there is a point of convergence in human mating . Women are most certainly attracted to phenotypical traits.- Purely genetic Darwinism.

      However, women ( as a generality, because we do need to account for individual preferences) are also attracted to status and success.- Social Darwinism with a biological overlay.

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